100% hydraulic,
without cable, chain
or pulley

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Aeronautics industry

Girolift is an official supplier for numerous international companies in the aeronautics sector. Its 100% hydraulic synchronization technology without cable, chain or pulley offers the accuracy that the industry requires.

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Assembly line

When it comes to lifting devices, the unparalleled technology used by Girolift is the most accurate and safe on several assembly lines. A robust and reliable product that requires practically no maintenance.

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Mining industry

Girolift specializes in heavy vehicule lifting devices with a lifting capacity from 80,000 to 120,000 lbs. These multiple post hydraulic lifts are used in several mines throughout Quebec and Canada.

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Manufacturing industry

Whatever your needs in terms of lifting devices, our consulting service and engineering department will meet your requirements while offering you the equipment that will surpass your expectations. With such technology, our customers are extremely satisfied. They have not only reduced their production time, but also their operation costs.

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For over 25 years, companies of various sectors and sizes have trusted Girolift™ hydraulic vehicule lifts. This innovative lifting technology, 100% hydraulic, without cable, chain or pulley makes Girolift, the easiest to use, the safest and the most economical device available in the industry.

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