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industrial lifting needs

A customized support for an informed decision.
Our consulting service enables our clientele to make the most appropriate decision and obtain the best value for money among our range of products. It is now possible to access to a free consulting service offered by qualified specialists in hydraulic lifting equipment.
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consulting service

Our specific service is adapted to each client situation. The experienced and qualified specialists will advise you according to your budget and particular needs. When it comes to decision-making, up to the installation of the system, our consulting service includes a specialized assistance avoiding any costly mistakes.

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The benefits of our
Consulting services

When discussing with one of our consultants, you will be taken through a wide range of options allowing you to increase your productivity and safety. You will simply have to choose with full knowledge of the facts.

  1. The recognition of your needs
  2. Types of vehicules
  3. Dimension and layout plan
  4. The proper weight lifting
  5. Frequency of use
  6. Selection of the floor plan
  7. Lifting plan
  8. Positioning of the hoists while respecting all applicable laws (e.g. CNESST)


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