The Girolift

At the forefront since 1993

The Girolift

The high-quality manufacturing techniques and technologies used in the production of Girolift are exclusive and innovative. By eliminating outdated techniques such as chains, cables and pulleys, on both the inside and the outside of the posts, we significantly reduce not only the maintenance needs and time but also the replacing part costs.

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  • Safety

    Safety come first

    The pneumatic safety locking system by gravity requires no electronic or mechanical system and is always automatically activated. The disengagement is quicky done through a pushbutton switch.

  • Accuracy

    The most precise alignment of the industry

    INNOVATION – The lifting arm safety systems automatically activates as soon as a 2 inch elevation above ground occurs, which eliminates any possible omission to do so.

    Why choose Girolift

  • Rentability

    A quick and easy installation

    Extensions, as standard equipment, are highly safe and can be installed in a blink of an eye without having to be screwed. This repetitive work allows you to save substantial time and money in a single day.

  • Quality

    High-quality lifts

    Using top quality steel, new materials and valuable monitoring processes ensure that Girolift is offering the strongest and the most sustainable lifts of the industry.

  • Custom-built

    Custom manufacturing

    In addition to its wide range of lifts, Girolift is able to manufacture quality lifts for all types of industries, in accordance with the most stringent lifting criteria and obligations.


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